E-P Therapeutics

An innovative approach to cancer therapy.

EP Therapeutics, Inc.,  (EPT) is engaged in the development of a revolutionary new class of cancer treatments that will provide safer alternative therapies by eliminating the need for chemotherapy or radiation protocols.

E-P Therapeutics, Inc. is engaged in the development of new treatments for the management of epithelial cancers based on a unique, patented peptide (EPT-peptide). Numerous in vitro and in vivo studies have demonstrated that EPT-peptide and its gene possess properties that suppress growth, metastasis and angiogenesis and result in the induction of programmed cell death in many cancer types, including breast, ovary, colon, liver, brain and prostate. In addition, EPT-peptide possesses the attributes necessary for an ideal cancer treatment instrument.


  • Can be reduced to a molecular size that can be used in slow release drug-delivery formulations.
  • Is soluble in biological fluids.
  • Is thermally stable.