A Unique Blend Of Expertise

ISMC is an independent, collaborative entity bringing together a very unique blend of expertise and capabilities to generate, innovate and enhance the knowledge of Space Medicine and related areas through research, development and consultancy.

ISMC has a broad interdisciplinary approach, combining leading scientific experts in cooperative endeavors focused on adding to and pushing the boundaries of knowledge that will enable the next-gen space explorers to better adapt to, work and live in extra-terrestrial environments. The knowledge acquired will have spin-off benefits that can be transferred to Earth, with applications in many different fields that will benefit humanity.

In addition to the extensive areas encompassed by Space Medicine, ISMC, in exclusive partnership with Forever Identity Inc., is focused on the creative development of a state-of-the-art interactive, multi-sensorial and emotional 3-D Virtual Persona, which represents a new interactive, multi-sensorial and emotional way to communicate between an end-user and knowledge-base system.