<strong>Barry Ressler</strong>

Barry Ressler

Chief Executive Officer,
Board Chairman

<strong>Steve Diamond</strong>

Steve Diamond

President, Chief Operating Officer,
Board Member

<strong>Thais Russomano</strong>

Thais Russomano

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Board Member


<strong>Gordon Roesler</strong>

Gordon Roesler

Autonomous Space Robots CEO of Robots in Space

<strong>Bachar Elzein</strong>

Bachar Elzein

Small Satellite Rocket Launch CEO of Reaction Dynamics Inc.

<strong>Magnus Evertson</strong>

Magnus Evertson

Pharmaceutical Sciences, Med-Tech project Management

<strong>Arun Shroff</strong>

Arun Shroff

AI for Medicine, Machine/Deep Learning AR/VR/MR innovation and telecommunications

<strong>Fabrizio Gramuglio</strong>

Fabrizio Gramuglio

Senior Advisor, ISMC Human Persona Robotics HCI and Augmented Interaction Group

<strong>George White</strong>

George White

ISMC Director of Educational Development

<strong>Giorgio Manfredi</strong>

Giorgio Manfredi

ISMC R&D Manager Education Technologies

<strong>Dr. Thomas Chen</strong>

Dr. Thomas Chen

Senior Scientific Advisor – Molecular and Cell Biology, Aquaculture, Agriculture and E-Peptide Oncology Therapeutics