Giorgio Manfredi

ISMC R&D Manager Education Technologies

He was born in Milan (Italy) in the 1962 and graduate in Computer Science at Università degli Studi of Milan.

From 1989 to1993, he collaborated at IFC-CNR (Cosmic Physics Institute of National Research Council) where he developed competences in microprocessors design. Some of his works have been published on national and international reviews. In that period, he took confidence with the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) systems and with the digital information management. Starting from 1994 up to 1998, he collaborated as associated researcher at INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) in the above-mentioned fields. Some other works of mine have been published on national and international reviews. He restarted with academic collaborations from 2008 as President of ICE-Entertainment (Information Communication and Entertainment) Commission at ASAM (Management Science Association) of Università Cattolica di Milano. In ASAM, he was a member of the Digital Marketing Commission. From 2009, he collaborated with several institutes developing projects based on Human-like Interaction. Some of these institutes are: MIP – Politecnico of Milan, Università degli Studi of Milan, Università Bicocca of Milan, Università of Trento, Area Science Park of Trieste, Università of Padua.

Together with the academic experiences, he developed business experiences in several private companies:

From 1993 to 1998: He worked as technical designer, first, and after as technical manager in a company focused on CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) market. From 1998 to 1999: he worked in Omnitel Italia (currently Vodafone Italy)  as Voice Recognition Platform Manager in the Products and Services division. From 1999 to 2002: He founded and managed as CEO, Vox2web, and an Omnia Network Group company. In Vox2web, he designed some of the most significant e-commerce platforms of that period: Omnitel One, MondoWindOnLine, and Inter Football Club. He left Omnia Network Group in the middle of 2002.

In 2002, he becomes an entrepreneur managing projects to develop innovative products and services for telco operators, media companies, mass brands, football teams, finance and public administration. During those years, he also developed various experiences in collaboration with foreigner R&D groups as Philips, Boeing, SITA, Genesys-Alcatel and Samsung. His works regarding the “human-like interaction” obtained some national and international awards as 2007 Genesys Worldwide Business Award, 2007 Telisma Voice European Award, Cerchio d’Oro Award 2007 for financial innovation, Innovation Circus Award 2007 letting my company to obtain visibility on the main national newspapers, magazines and TV networks. In 2010, he funded Occambee Srl ( ), an Italian company focused on solutions to manage customer relationships (based on dialogic models A.I. driven) for cultural heritage and educational sectors.

At the end of 2013, he had the co-founder of Forever Identity Inc. ( ), a US company focused on the creation of a subject’s Digital Identity, using a physical medium to represent a person’s emotions, physical and non-physical aspects in order to preserve its memories for the future generation. This company is the final act of study’s group incubated by Innovation Factory – Area Science Park of Trieste.

The Forever’s studies on the impact of the emotions and the ethical values of a subject into its decision, joined to the studies about the ability of a digital artefact to capture, understand and manage the emotions of its interlocutor, caught the attention of ISMC (International Space Medicine Consortium). The collaboration with ISMC is currently operative.

During the 2016 he founded Rumble Tumbleweed Srl (aka RTW), an asset incubator working, mainly, on the Italian market. In one year of activities RTW helps six new tech innovation companies to starting their activities. His current activities is to provide his tech & design experiences to this companies in order to increase their market value. The most relevant experience of this last year was the role of designer and manager of technological interactive project for the Region of Lombardy into the Italian Pavillon during the EXPO Energy 2017 in Kazhakistan.

Another relevant project of this last year was the designing of the interaction architecture of a virtual agent for app (a soccer expert system). This architecture is developer in four languages: italian, english, spanish and chinese for the most relevant european football teams: Juventus (ITA), Real Madrid, Barcelona (ESP) and Tottenham (ENG).