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Interactive Behavioral Health Psychologist Persona

International Space Medicine Consortium Inc with support from its affiliate company, Forever Identity ( in Milan/Genoa Italy, have applied our patented (issued and Pending) Dialog stimuli recognition management, emotion/empathy platform and ethical/morality AI subset to space medicine applications.  This scientific/engineering research and application specific product development is further supported by our internal research and development AI, HCI /Voice Recognition, Expert Systems team, consultants and subcontractors. We seek and engage AI partners for NLG and machine learning.

ISMC has created a model for an Interactive Behavioral Health Psychologist for space mission long term group isolations. In association with leading psychologists who focus on emotional intelligence and analysis of facial expression, ISMC’s Senior Advisor on Human Persona Robotics HCI has created an emotional, empathetic Persona that can interact with a person through biosensors and expert psychological behavioral health knowledge. The interaction is compared to an individual baseline emotional pattern to changes measured during the present interaction. Facial expression, biosensors, body movements and voice modulations will be integrated into the Persona through its Hierarchy Matrix that prioritizes input importance. The Persona has the ability to learn and interact with evolving emotional and behavior health changes.

The evolution of this Behavioral Health Psychologist Persona can be used on an everyday basis on earth. Initially it can be used for people or groups in isolated positions. Eventually the Persona through AI will fill the void occurring due to the decreasing number of psychiatrists and behavioral health workers. Once an early detection of a behavioral health problem is identified, modalities of treatment, such as cognitive therapy, can be suggested.

ISMC welcomes experts, universities, government and corporate partners who can help the evolution of the Behavioral Health Psychologist Persona and who can assist our team to create Cognitive Treatment Intelligence for the Persona to suggest treatments to counter the emotional changes realized.