Stem Cell Research

Based on our research and laboratory findings using our E-peptide discovery, we have successfully demonstrated establishing permanent pituitary cell lines and hepatocyte cell lines from early stage pituitary and hepatocyte cell lines, respectively. As a result of these findings, EP Therapeutics has initiated research to apply our E-peptide for the stimulation of progenitor cells or quiescent d cells of the pituitary gland or liver to divide indefinitely but not evolve into malignancy.  Of significant importance to our work are the following E-Peptide attributes

  • Our E-Peptide stimulates Neuroblastoma cells to develop dendrites.
  • While our E-peptide possesses mitogenic activity in normal cells to cause them to proliferate they do not  have a mitogenic effect on malignant cells.
  • Our E-peptide can inhibit both red blood cell development and the expression of genes responsible for the hematopoiesis pathway. This ultimately leads to cell death for selective cell differentiation.

EP Therapeutics plans to continue this work both internally and with collaborative partners for the following applications,

  • To stimulate the growth of stem cells leading to endocrine lineage.
  • To stimulate fibroblasts to enhance and speed wound closure
  • To be applied to Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells to eliminate unwanted hematopoiesis.
  • To accelerate the maturation of differentiated neural stem cells for spinal cord therapy.